Art is my inspirational fuel. From finger paints to pushing pixels, art is the alpha and omega of my creative design process.

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The internet has been a second home for most of my life. I am hip as hell with HTML and CSS, confident with modern CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) and fiddle without fear in PHP, Javascript and JS Toolkits / Frameworks.

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Digital Media is my vittles. It's what I grew up with and survive on. It is an opportunity to combine all my forces of digital wizardry, media studies and storytelling.

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YouNoahMe 2016-Present

Moonstone Hotel Properties 2013-2016

Ideal Positions 2010

Humboldt Nerd

Humboldt Nerd 2008 - 2010

Humboldt State University 2009 - 2012

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Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Intelligent Technology, Marketing & Media Specialist

“I am seeking a challenging, creative opportunity in an environment that is engaged and inspired by a focus for project completion and confident publishing. My experience, creativity, adaptability to software and design trends as well as an aptitude for learning have been paramount in my career successes.”
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Noah Cannon is a Digital Media Creative and recipient of a B.A. in Journalism with an emphasis in Media Studies from Humboldt State University. Art and design with computers have served as an integral part of his life both personally and professionally. He has developed a media skill-set capable of providing clarity, information, guidance and focus to the design and delivery of solid media solutions with follow-through.

He loves to inspire as well as be inspired and is always looking forward to what's next. Discussions on branding, strategic planning on the implementation and creation of campaigns through feedback and metrics or the intersection of design, technology and demographics are the kind of topics that get him buzzing with excitement.

"A very clear-thinking and savvy young American with high ideals..." - William Taylor - Telling Tales A Life in Writing

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I create art through professional design and personal endeavour.

My Portfolio contains a sampling of my professional design work. My Gallery is a collection of art endeavours created for commisions, gifts and personal fancy.

If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent Van Gogh

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I build websites from the ground up or a patch up.

I've been building websites since 13 years old and continually evolve my approach. My professional experience (see Resume) has allowed me to keep up with the web's best practices and consistently deliver. My Portfolio also previews the web solutions I've created or been a part of.

In design man becomes what he is. Animals have language and perception as well, but they do not design.
Otl Aicher

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I majored in Journalism with an emphasis in Media Studies.

For me, creating media becomes infinitely more exciting when analyzing and developing a further understanding of its effects. My unique scope on media implementation serves to inform and impassion the creation of succesful communication through design.

My Portfolio begins with deliverables from my coursework at HSU. My Resume outlines my journey through the media landscape to become a qualified creative. I've composed a short About blurb if you want to know a little more about who this Noah character is; and The Gallery will show you my art. Find your way to My Rates if you're thinking about hiring me for freelance work or Contact Me Today to start your next digital media project with a well-researched strategy.

New media's not very old, hence the word new, so we don't know a lot of things about new media and by the time you've taught it it's probably out of date. I think it's much more beneficial to have an experiential lesson versus a classroom lesson in new media.
Ben Huh



Graphic & Web Design

$35 / hour

Custom Web Development, Troubleshooting Code

$55 / hour

Everything Else

  • Editing, Photography & Videography
  • Art Commissions, Copywriting and General Digital Wizardry
  • Make Contact

The Rates above are set hourly rates that will be used to estimate project costs. All estimates are project-basis quotes and include at least 2 free revisions. After a Free Initial Consultation to establish the project's scope, paramaters, resources, expenses, purpose and goals, a project estimate will be provided and once approved, the project can move into the Design Phase.

A 1/3 deposit (1/2 for non-web site projects) is required to commence the Design Phase. I will provide draft images of the project. At this point feedback is encouraged and any ideas or changes you would like to see before we move to the Development Phase. In the case of non-website projects, when the design is approved the appropriate files will be sent to you for distribution pending the final 1/2 payment.

Moving a website into the Development Phase requires a 1/3 deposit to continue. The website is developed and launched to a preview location. Content and photographs will be integrated and you will be able to view remotely from your computer a "live" functioning website. You can email or call for final changes or corrections. 3 free revisions are allowed for web site development. Once the website is approved the final 1/3 payment is required.


(805) 440-2130